What Happened To The Members Of 90’s Popular Dance Groups?

Here is a look back in the life of the members of the dance groups which gained popularity during the 1990s in the entertainment industry. The popularity of dance groups in the Philippine entertainment scene soared high during the 1990s but as the millennial era approached, their fame started to fade. Manoeuvers, Streetboys, Universal Motion … Read more

Remember Sherwin Ordoñez Of ‘Click’? Here Is His Life Now

Former ‘Click’ actor Sherwin Ordoñez is currently living this kind of life after he left the show business Sherwin Ordoñez was a popular actor during the 1990s through the youth-oriented show ‘Click’ along with the biggest names now in showbiz such as Angelika Dela Cruz, Angel Locsin and Richard Gutierrez. He made a remarkable performance … Read more