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Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Affordable Summer Destinations Near Metro Manila For P1,000 Or Less

Here are some of the affordable summer destinations near Metro Manila There are quite a few summer destinations...

LOOK: Iza Calzado’s Bikini Photo Received Comments From Celebrities

Iza Calzado posted her bikini photo on Instagram and netizens reacted as well as her fellow celebrities in the entertainment industry. Kapamilya actress Iza Calzado...

KC Montero Expresses Disgust Over Troy Montero, Aubrey Miles’ Viral Photos

KC Montero took to Instagram his disgust regarding the recent nude photos of his brother Troy Montero and girlfriend Aubrey Miles. KC Montero revealed his...

Andrea Del Rosario: Here’s The Life Of The Actress Now

Do you remember Princess in the Palace actress Andrea del Rosario? ANDREA DEL ROSARIO - Actress-dancer Andrea del Rosario did not limit herself on the field...

Longest Line Of Eggs Set By Batangeños For Guinness Record

Batangas Set The Longest Line Of Eggs To Obtain Guinness Record Longest line of fresh chicken eggs in trays was set by Batangeños in the...