Some Candidates who Win Election to Be Disqualified for Vote-Buying

Some Winning Candidates to Be Disqualified Over Allegedly Vote-Buying on Election Some of the candidates who win the 2022 election could face disqualification over alleged vote-buying. Some candidates who win in the recent election would face disqualification after being accused of vote-buying, according to the Commission on Elections (Comelec). This is due to election-related offenses … Read more

64 Violators of the Liquor Ban Implemented on Election Day Arrested

64 Violators Arrested Over Liquor Ban Implemented on Election Day Police authorities arrested 64 individuals as alleged violators of the liquor ban implemented on election day, May 9, 2022. According to the Quezon City Police District (QCPD), 64 people were arrested in Quezon City on Sunday, May 8, and election day, May 9, for allegedly … Read more

3 MRs in DQ Cases, Appeal for BBM COC Cancellation Dismissed – Comelec

Comelec Dismissed 3 MRs in DQ cases, Appeal for BBM COC Cancellation The Commission on Election (Comelec) has dismissed the disqualification (DQ) cases against former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr (BBM). The Comelec has formally denied three motions for reconsideration and a petition for annulment of the presidential candidate’s Certificate of Candidacy (COC) filed by … Read more

Binay Camp Laughs Appeal of Mocha Uson to Comelec About his Health

Camp of Binay Laughs at Mocha Uson Appeal to Comelec Regarding His Health The camp of senatorial aspirant Jejomar Binay just laughed at the appeal of Mocha Uson to the Commission on Elections (Comelec) regarding his health. The former Vice President’s camp called the appeal of Mothers for Change (MOCHA) first nominee laughable, pathetic, and … Read more

Mar Roxas Possibly Spent Biggest Amount For Campaign w/ P179 Million

Mar Roxas

Mar Roxas, as of now, has the highest amount of expenditures during Election 2019 campaign Liberal Party Senatorial candidate Mar Roxas possibly spent the highest amount for his campaign on 2019 midterm election with P179 million. Politicians who ran during the last elections are required to submit their Statement of Contribution and Expenditures (SOCE). Based … Read more

Bong Revilla In To Top 12 Of Comelec’s Partial & Official Election Result As of Friday Night

Bong Revilla

Comelec’s Partial and Official Election 2019 Senatorial Race Result’s Top 12 Includes Former Sen. Bong Revilla BONG REVILLA – Former Senator Ramon Revilla Jr. is currently included to the Top 12 of the partial and official Election 2019 result from the Commission on Elections (Comelec). Undeniably, one of the most controversial personalities since the start … Read more

Bong Revilla Out From Top 12 In Partial & Official Election 2019 Result From Comelec

Bong Revilla

Comelec Partial & Official Election 2019 Result Excludes Former Sen. Bong Revilla From Top 12 BONG REVILLA – The Commission on Elections (Comelec) released the partial and official result of the Election 2019 Senatorial Race and former Senator Bong Revilla is out from the Top 12 in the said partial result. Undeniably, among the most … Read more

ELECTION 2019: Midterm Election 2019 Statistics From COMELEC

election 2019 voters statistics

Here are the statistics for the Election 2019 from COMELEC ELECTION 2019 – The Commission on Election (COMELEC) released these statistics of this year’s midterm election. Total number of registered voters: 61, 843, 771 Number of registered voters by Island GroupLUZON – 27, 552, 302 or 45 percent NCR – 7, 074, 603 or 11 … Read more

ELECTION 2019: Senatorial Race Partial, Unofficial Results

election 2019 unofficial results

Here is the senatorial race partial, unofficial results for Election 2019 ELECTION 2019 (UPDATED) – The Commission on Election released this partial and unofficial result in the senatorial race. There are a total of _ senatorial candidates who aspired to have a seat in the upper house but only 12 will be chosen. Here is … Read more

ELECTION 2019: List Of Comelec’s Certified Party-list Candidates

election 2019 partylist candidates

Here is the list of Party-list candidates certified by Comelec for Election 2019 Commission on Election (Comelec) released this certified list of party-list candidates for Election 2019. A party-list represents a specific advocacy in the process of lawmaking. Here is the Election 2019 list of party-list candidates. (001) BAYAN MUNA – BAYAN MUNA (002) KABAYAN … Read more