Dino Guevarra: Former T.G.I.S. Actor is Living This Life Now

dino guevarra

Dino Guevarra, known as one of the actors in T.G.I.S. is living this kind of life now Former T.G.I.S. actor Dino Guevarra is living this kind of life now after he left the Philippine entertainment industry. The said show was a popular youth-oriented series during the 90s. It is about a group of friends and … Read more

Pinoy Celebrities Who Ventured In Other Jobs When They Left Showbiz

Here are some of the Pinoy celebrities who are currently working in a different occupation when they left the show business There are quite a few Pinoy celebrities who ventured in other fields when they decided to leave the world of show business. They chose jobs far different from the glitz and glamour of the … Read more