Maymay Entrata Affirms Split from Non-Showbiz Boyfriend

Maymay Entrata and Non Showbiz Boyfriend

Maymay Entrata, the beloved actress, has recently confirmed her breakup with her non-showbiz boyfriend, Aaron Haskell. In a heartfelt post on her X account (formerly Twitter) on Monday, April 1, she addressed Haskell as her “past relationship,” signaling the end of their romantic journey together. In her message to her fans, Entrata expressed a desire … Read more

IN PHOTOS: Pinay Celebs Who Are More Beautiful Without Makeup

These ten young female celebrities in the Philippine entertainment industry are much prettier without makeup on their faces. Makeup is a must-need among celebrities for their screen appearances. However, there are those who even look much prettier without any artificial color on their faces. Here are some Pinay young celebrities who look more stunning with … Read more

Gina Lopez On Why Edward’s Mother Does Not Like Maymay: ‘She loves her’

Gina Lopez, Mayward

Ex-DENR Sec Gina Lopez Admires Edward Barbers, Maymay Entrata GINA LOPEZ – Former Department of Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Gina Lopez revealed the reason why Edward Barber’s mother does not like Maymay Entrata. Despite that their journey inside the Pinoy Big Brother house has come to its end, Edward Barber and Maymay Entrata managed to … Read more

IN PHOTOS: Filipina Celebrities Who Are Proud Of Being “Morena”

Here are some of the Filipina celebrities who have always been confident and proud of being “Morena” despite growing industry of whitening products. In an era when endorsing whitening products is one of the dominating endorsement projects that Filipino celebrities have, there are still “Morena” beauties who are proud of their real skin color. The … Read more