TNT Announces New GIGA Promos

New GIGA Promos

TNT has just announced their new GIGA promos for streaming, social media, and gaming. These are GIGA Stories 50, GIGA Games 50, and GIGA Video 50. GIGA Stories 50 If you registered to GIGA Stories 50, you can enjoy 1GB of all-access data as well as 1GB on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok per day. “Pila … Read more

Why Kisses Delavin Apologized To Kobe Bryant & Kevin Durant?

This is the reason why Kisses Delavin apologized to Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant Kapamilya actress Kisses Delavin apologized to National Basketball Association (NBA) players Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant. This may create a question to many why the young Filipina celebrity had to say sorry to them. Based on the article published in The … Read more

More NBA Personalities Expressed Views on Trump’s Election

Leaders of a team in NBA were also some of the many Americans who were not contented on the results of US presidential elections. Coaches and players of the National Basketball Association (NBA) expressed what they feel about the US elections where Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton on the race for the White House. Golden … Read more

Detroit Pistons Coach Van Gundy Is ‘Ashamed’ Of Trump’s Election

One of the coaches in National Basketball Association, Van Gundy is ashamed of Trump’s victory in US elections. Detroit Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy is also one of the many Americans who condemned and felt ashamed of the election of Donald Trump as the new US president. Gundy, as an outspoken coach of NBA, joined … Read more

‘Dear Kobe’: NBA’s Thank You Letter to Kobe Bryant (Full Message)

Kobe Bryant

‘Dear Kobe’ The National Basketball Association (NBA) published a message of gratitude to basketball superstar Kobe Bryant as he bid farewell to his millions of fans around the world to basketball On Wednesday night, the “Black Mamba” ended his 20-years of shooting, rebounding, passing and blocking in a farewell game against Utah Jazz. The 6’6” shooting … Read more