Pagasa Weather Forecast: April 12, 2024

Pagasa Weather

As the day begins, we find ourselves under the influence of easterlies, bringing a mix of partly cloudy to cloudy skies across Metro Manila and the entire Philippines. Isolated rain showers or thunderstorms may occur throughout the day, potentially leading to localized flash floods or landslides in severe thunderstorm conditions. Forecast Weather Conditions The weather … Read more

Pagasa Weather Forecast April 10, 2024

Philippine Weather

As the nation braces for another day, the weather forecast for April 9, 2024, offers a glimpse into the atmospheric dynamics shaping the day ahead. The overarching influence remains the Easterlies, with localized effects causing diverse weather patterns across different regions. In Batanes, cloudy skies loom overhead, accompanied by scattered rain showers and thunderstorms, attributed … Read more

Pagasa Weather Forecast: April 9, 2024

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The Philippines braces itself under the influence of easterlies, resulting in a varied tapestry of weather conditions across the archipelago. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of what to expect: Synopsis: Easterlies, characterized by warm and moist air originating from the Pacific Ocean, dominate the weather pattern across the Philippines. This atmospheric setup brings about partly cloudy … Read more

Pagasa Issues High-Risk Heat Index Expected in 9 Locations

Dangerous Heat Index

On Monday, April 8, the Philippines braced for scorching temperatures as the heat index in various regions reached alarming levels. According to the forecast by the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), nine areas across the country were expected to encounter a “dangerous” level of heat index. Among these areas, Daet, Camarines Norte, … Read more

Pagasa Weather Forecast April 8, 2024

Philippine Weather

Easterlies Bring Varied Weather Patterns Across the Philippines As the nation wakes up to a new day on April 8, 2024, the weather forecast paints a picture of diversity across the Philippines. Issued at 4:00 AM, the latest synopsis indicates the influence of easterlies affecting the country’s weather patterns. Forecasted Conditions: In Metro Manila and … Read more

Pagasa Weather Forecast: April 6, 2024

Philippine Weather Today

As the sun rises on April 6, 2024, the weather across the Philippines is shaped by the influence of Easterlies, bringing a mix of conditions ranging from cloudy skies to scattered rain showers and thunderstorms. Let’s delve into the detailed forecast for different regions: Davao Region, SOCCSKSARGEN, Zamboanga del Sur, Basilan, Sulu, and Tawi-Tawi: Cloudy … Read more

Pagasa Weather Forecast: April 5, 2024

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Synopsis on April 5, 2024, the weather forecast indicates the influence of a Trough of a Low-Pressure Area (LPA) over Mindanao and a Ridge of a High-Pressure Area (HPA) extending across the eastern section of Northern Luzon. Forecast Weather Conditions: Davao Region and SOCCSKSARGEN: Expect cloudy skies with scattered rain showers and thunderstorms in these … Read more

Pagasa Weather Forecast: April 4, 2024

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Easterlies Impacting Visayas and Mindanao As the day unfolds on April 4, 2024, the weather forecast for various regions in the Philippines brings a mix of conditions, influenced by the prevailing easterlies and localized thunderstorms. Here’s what you need to know to plan your day accordingly: Davao Region and SOCCSKSARGEN Expect cloudy skies with scattered … Read more

Pagasa Weather Forecast for April 3, 2024

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Synopsis: April 3, 2024, a ridge of High Pressure Area (HPA) extends over the eastern section of Luzon, influencing weather patterns across the Philippines. Forecast Weather Conditions: Across Metro Manila and the rest of the country, expect partly cloudy to cloudy skies with isolated rain showers or thunderstorms. These weather phenomena are primarily caused by … Read more

Pagasa Weather Forecast: April 2, 2024

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As dawn breaks on April 2, 2024, the weather forecast paints a varied picture across the Philippine archipelago. With a Ridge of High-Pressure Area (HPA) stretching across the eastern sections of Northern and Central Luzon, the atmospheric conditions are set for a blend of cloud cover and localized thunderstorms. Metro Manila and Nationwide Outlook: For … Read more