Students Using Spy Glasses Caught During Exam.

Spy Glasses

Spy Glasses Used during Exam to Cheat.

It seemed that modern students have found a new way to cheat in the exam but for a top Thai medical college, there is no room for cheating as it has caught students using spy glasses with cameras linked to smart watches to cheat during exams.

Spy Glasses

As it the news spread to social media, netizens compared it to a plot straight out a Mission Impossible movie where the characters used the same thing to look for details.

On his Facebook pages, Arthit Ourairat, the rector of Rangsit University, posted the pictures of the hi-tech cheating equipment reporting that the entrance exam in question had been cancelled after the plot was discovered.

According to report, three students were caught using the glasses. It has been discovered that the glasses have wireless cameras to transmit images to a group of as yet unnamed people who eventually searched and sent the answers to their smart watches.

Arthit revealed that the students transacted with the tutor group with 800, 000 baht for the equipment and the answers.

It was also reported to Thailand’s news channel that the students who were caught cheating were already blacklisted from the University.

In an interview with Thailand’s Channel 3 news report, Arthit said that they want the incident to be known in public to make people aware that we must be careful.

Arthit added that medical exams are in high demand among students but only few are eventually badged.

While others were impressed of the technology the students used in cheating the exam, others condemned the act.

Check in here how spy glasses work.

One netizen said that it was fortunate that they were caught or else they could have passed and graduated referring to illegal doctors that could then work in the society.

In Thailand, medical degrees are in high demand because doctors can make fortunes in some private sector.

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