Dog Waits Outside Hospital for Late Fur Parent for Over a Year

For over a year, a dog waits outside the hospital for late fur parent

MORGAN – A dog stayed outside a hospital in Caloocan City, waiting for its fur parent, unbeknownst to it that its beloved owner would never return for over a year.

In a Facebook post by the non-government organization Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF), they shared the story of this dog, which they rescued on October 7, 2023, outside the Manila Central University (MCU) Hospital in Caloocan.

According to AKF, they named the loyal dog “Morgan” because it always used to stay in the morgue area of the hospital. AKF stated, “We learned from the people at MCU Hospital that Morgan’s owner was confined there last year because of COVID. Unfortunately his owner died. Morgan never left since, he waited for his master, for more than a year. He is not aware that his beloved master is never coming back.”

In an interview with ABS-CBN, AKF also mentioned that they received reports that the family of Morgan’s fur parent had tried to bring him home, but he would always return to the hospital’s premises.

AKF expressed gratitude to the people who fed and cared for Morgan while he was still outside the hospital and before his rescue. They also extended their thanks to the doctors, students, medical representatives, guards, and hospital staff who provided Morgan with food every day. They chose not to report him to the pound because they knew that Morgan would be euthanized if captured.

In connection with this, AKF mentioned that Morgan has been brought to their center in Capaz, Tarlac, where he will be cared for and looked after while they search for a new fur parent who will provide him with the love that a loyal dog like him deserves.

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