INSTAGRAM PHOTOS – Tips To Take Nice IG Photos On Your Phone

Instagram Photos

A guide to take good Instagram photos. INSTAGRAM PHOTOS – Here are some useful tips and tricks in order to take a good photos perfect for your Instagram post. Phone photography is much harder than how the shot probably looks like. And these photos are the moments we let other people see by posting it … Read more

CLEAR SKIN FOODS – What To Eat To Achieve Clear Skin

Clear Skin Foods

Check out these clear skin foods best for you! CLEAR SKIN FOODS – Here are some foods that you should be eating in order to avoid acne and breakouts and to achieve a clear skin. Everyone definitely wants to achieve a clear and flawless skin free from pimples, marks, and acne. However, it is just … Read more

Peanuts Health Benefits: Nutrition Facts and Benefits Of Peanuts

Peanuts Health Benefits

Here are some peanuts health benefits. PEANUTS HEALTH BENEFITS – Here are some of the impressive facts and health benefits of eating peanuts that you probably don’t know yet. In many forms, peanuts are being used. It can be roasted, salted, chocolate-coated, or peanut butter. Peanuts are legumes and are scientifically called Arachis hypogea. They contain … Read more

Photography Tips: DSLR Camera Basics To Produce Photos Like A Pro

Photography Tips

Check out these photography tips about some basics of the DSLR camera. PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS – Most people’s frustration indeed is doing photography and if you are handling a DSLR for the first time, here are some tips about its basics for you to capture images like a pro. Every people are probably frustrated photographers and … Read more

SPICY FOODS: 5 Surprising Benefits You Probably Didn’t Know Yet

Spicy Foods

Here are some of the surprising benefits of spicy foods. SPICY FOODS – These surprising health benefits from spicy foods, that you probably didn’t know yet, would make you want to add some spice and hotness in your meal. Eating is always a part of everyone’s routine. If you’re sad, happy, needed to celebrate something, … Read more

Tom Doromal Reaction To Girlfriend Ate Girl Jackque’s Emotional Breakdown In Showtime

Tom Doromal Reaction

Here’s Tom Doromal reaction to girlfriend’s breakdown in national TV. TOM DOROMAL REACTION – Hashtags member Tom Doromal breaks his silence about the sudden emotional break down of his girlfriend during the live airing of Its Showtime. Every relationship has it’s rough patches in forms of lack of time, insensitivity, fading love, and among others. … Read more