Liza Soberano Claims That Enrique Gil Isn’t Difficult To Love


Liza Soberano Said To The Netizens That Enrique Gil Isn’t Difficult To Love

According to the article stated from bandera.inquirer regarding the issue between Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil that the young star was just treating Enrique Gil as her best friend which makes the fans of the young actor feel like mad.

The Kapamilya young star Liza Soberano clarifies the angry netizens about her calling word “best friend” toward her love-team Enrique Gil. Concerning to the opinion of the fans of the actor that they feel like Liza Soberano is just making him as her friend-zone only and this is the reason why she always pointed the word “best friend” every time she posted her message to Quen in social media.

The young actress stated her sentimental opinion to the netizens about this issue through her twitter account and said, “I can’t believe people still get mad for me saying he’s my best friend. Is that a bad thing?”

According to her, calling someone your best friend doesn’t necessarily mean you are friend-zoning them. Things can develop.

She also added, “It’s not hard to like him, his very likeable and we’re close. It’s fun to have a crush on your best friend.”

While on the side of the actor Enrique Gil, he confesses that he was truly courting Liza Soberano but it seems that the young actress is not yet ready for a serious relationship. He is willing to wait for the actress until she is ready for it.

He can wait and he’s not making things rush what more important is their friendship, according to him.

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