24-Year Old Guy Who Fell In Love With 12-Year Old Girl, How Are They Now?

Here is what happened to a 24-year old guy who fell in love with a 12-year old girl after five years and behind criticisms of other people about their age gap.

Have you heard the story of a 24-year old guy who feel in love with a 12-year old girl?

In 2012, Zhang Muyi, a 24-year old Chinese pop singer, shocked the social media world when he confessed his love to Canadian based child model Akami Miki who was just 12 years old that time.

24-year ld guy who fell in love with 12-year old girl

Although it is not the first case of May-December love affair being publicized, but still people are not used in this kind of romantic relationship between two people who do not belong in the same age bracket.

Yes, the saying that “age does not matter” is mostly the defense of those who fell in love with someone too younger or two older than them.

In the cased of Zhang and Akami, regardless of what the other people may comment about them, the important thing for them is the love they feel for each other.

Based on the article published in dailytrends.net, they are considered to be the Justin Beiber-Selena Gomez of China. While the American stars only have a two-year age gap, the Chinese celebrities have 12 years age difference.

It was said that prior to their love affair, Zhang worked as a voice coach of Akami and she was just 8 back then.

They have also recorded duets together which gained much popularity on social media along with their photos.

The couple also shows publicly their relationship, not minding what could be the reaction of other people and even though some perceived that falling in love who is out of your age bracket is a crime.

24-Year Old Guy

On the other hand, their fans are always anticipating the updates in their love story with the hope that they have already found true love in each other’s arms.

Based on the article, the latest post of Zhang and Akami on their social media is telling the public that they are still together until now.

Akami has grown to be a young fine lady now.

After five years, the 24-year old guy who fell in love with a 12-year old girl and once received disapproval of many still continues to flourish the relationship they have regardless of age gap.

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