Relationship Myths That Are Holding You Back From Love


Do you believe in myths? Did you wished that those myths will become true to you?

Relationship myths are those myths that made you “set your standards“. These myths can hold you back from your present relationship.

Relationship Myths
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Here are some of relationship myths that are holding you back from love. Have a look!

Meeting fictionally-alike partner

Fond of reading fiction book? How about having a habit of watching Japanese anime movies? There could be a situation wherein you fell in love with that specific character and you want to meet that person in the real world. Until then, you start to set the bar higher on to your preferences. If you continue to do this, you can’t find a partner with whom you can live in.

Waiting it out for your soul mate

You may tend to look for someone that has similarities on you in everything. If you can’t find one, you may tend to ask yourself what’s wrong with you. Once you keep on looking for your soul mate, you can’t find a partner with whom you can live in.

Looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right

While you’re looking for your partner, you may start asking “Is he (or she) the right one for me?” If that person is not right for you, you may become disappointed. According to an article, you need to “get clear on what would actually work for you, regardless of whether anyone else likes it or not, and then start asking for that to show up.

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