Non Verbal Video: He Can’t Bear To See The Girl’s Suffering Then What He Did After Will Surely Melt Your Heart


One click of a camera, he suddenly caught a perfect capture of a girl who suddenly passed by during the photo shoot.

You may already watch several short films and most of them indeed touch our hearts deeply and made us cry. This short story film is another kind of story that you will surely never miss watching. This is about the story of a photographer who fell in love to an unknown girl who he accidentally captures a picture. And their story started in here.

Time really knows how to play the game well. The two of them went go well as they started to know each other. They become closer and closer until such time they let each other feel what their heartbeat says. Time goes by everything is fine but one incident will change everything from them.

He was capturing a picture of her when his camera lose it’s methanol fuel. The girl volunteered to get it. So since he forgot to close it,the girl is trying to reach it in the high level even if she couldn’t until it was accidentally fell from her eyes. She was crying in tears while feeling the pain and they hurriedly went to the hospital. Because of the incident, the girl loses its vision.

He blamed himself from everything. He was now in his full decision. He decided to donate his eyes instead of looking to the girl he loved suffering from her situation and forget about her. See video below.

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