Liza’s ‘I Love You’ For Enrique Hits 35% Rating And 2M Tweets

‘I Love You’ Of Liza To Enrique Got 35% Rating And 2 Million Tweets From The Netizens

Way back on the last episode of Dolce Amore where the brave girl Serena Gomez (Liza Soberrano) who defended her friend Tenten (Enrique Gil) from embarrassment and the mockery of the crowd was an unexpected confession that everyone even her parents and best friend, Giancarlo would hear from her.

It was her feelings from Tenten that prevails from directing her to confess what she really feel towards him.

“I fell in love with the most amazing person na nakilala ko sa buong buhay ko. I fell in love with my friend from Tondo. Mahal kita, Simon. I love you,” said Serena to Tenten.

Everyone in the crowd was filled with confusion and intrigues with her confession which turns into a big confrontation with her mother, Luciana. Because of so much anger, she slaps her in the face.

The whole world was looking forward to the next episode of Dolce Amore after the ‘I Love You’ confession of Serena which almost exceeds 35% in the National TV rating. 20% is the advantage from the opposite program, That’s My Amboy which only gets 15% according to the survey data of Kantar Media.

Also, 2 million Tweets came from the netizens in the registered official hashtag of #DolceAmoreILoveYou of Serena’s kilig confession and the big confrontation between Serena and her mother.

There’s more way to wait for their next and latest episodes that will continue to make us feel this romantic excitement every night from your number one and favorite kiligserye Dolce Amore.

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