Jake Ejercito Reveals Reason Why He Will Not Vote Duterte For President


Why Jake Ejercito will not vote Duterte for president?

Jake Ejercito, son of former president now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada took to micro-blogging site, Twitter where he revealed reasons why he will not vote presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte in the May 9, 2016 National Elections.

Jake Ejercito-Duterte

“I used to think it wouldn’t be so bad if Du30 won and even considered voting for him, but he’s unfortunately turning into Trump,” he said in a Twitter post.

The former boyfriend of actress Andi Eigenmann is referring to the United States’ Republican presidential front-runner, Donald Trump.

The businessman-turned-politician has been tagged as  “misogynist” by his critics over his controversial remarks to women.

Donald Trump even made headlines over his infamous interview with  Fox News political commentator, Megyn Kelly.

According to a report published by the Philippine Entertainment Portal, Jake Ejercito might have rooted comparison between Donald Trump and Rodrigo Duterte over the controversy that the PDP-Laban has been criticized.

The Davao City Mayor who’s running for the highest post in the land drew flak on various social media platforms and was heavily criticized by women’s groups and the church and other presidential contenders over his controversial remark to an incident that happened in 1989 which involved an Australian missionary Jacqueline Hamill.

Duterte has already made a public apology with regards to his remarks. Although, there are some who have accepted his apology yet there are groups including the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) who condemned his remark.

“His leadership style may have worked for Davao, but it’s not ideal for a sovereign state. Vote with your head, not with anger or any emotion,” he said as he urge fellow voters.

“This election would’ve been a no brainer if only Miriam were healthier,” he added.

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