Pokwang’s Recent Comment On Chokoleit’s IG Post Freaks Out Netizens


Chokoleit’s sudden and untimely death has left everyone in shock and disbelief. After his last performance in Abra, where he experienced difficulty in breathing, Pokwang’s comment on Chokoleit’s IG post has making rounds online.

Chokoleit made a ‘Switch It Up’ Challenge on his Instagram post and his close friend, Pokwang made a joke saying he’ll end up dead after doing the challenge.

“Tapos nyan patay kana im sure!!! Hahahahhaaa waz up madlang pipol nga lang sa showtime kulang nalang sayo oxygen sa hingal bwahahahaaaa Chokoleit Garcia RIP!! @hot_chokoleit bwahahahahaha katapusan mo na!!!!!!,” Pokwang wrote.

This prompted Chokoleit to reply on Pokwang’s comment, “@itspokwang27 Gaga super edited nga un kung sayo pinagawa lahat ng pinagawa saken ni Memeh ngangawit yang tinggil mong hugis bell pepper! Bwahahahahahahah”

It happened two month ago but a lot of netizens freaked out and share their comments and reactions:

“@itspokwang27 creepy nagkatotoo ang comment mo” “hala. january 9 na post tapos march 9 napatay. Rest in Peace”

“@itspokwang27 halaaa pahiwatig poba to?”

“@itspokwang27 halla ka mamang!!!Nagkatotoo sinabi mo”

“People who are tagging Pokwang and blame her for her bestfriend’s death because ofher comment must stop. Do you think she really wished him dead? Don’t you think she is currently hurting and grieving?”

“Nakakatakot na minsan magbiro ng ganyan minsan nagiging totoo.”

“OMG May mga joke na minsan sumosobra na. Ayan tuloy nagkatotoo.”

Pokwang meant no harm and bet she’s hurt after losing her bestfriend. May your soul rest in peace, Chokoleit. You are missed.


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