TOP DIABETES-CAUSING FOOD – 7 Food & Drinks That Secretly Cause Diabetes


List of 7 Top Diabetes-Causing Food & Drinks You Must Not Consume in Large Amounts

TOP DIABETES-CAUSING FOOD – Here is a list of seven(7) food and drinks that you should avoid as they are among the top cause of diabetes.

Diabetes is undeniably now one of the most rampant health conditions. It is a condition wherein the blood glucose levels are so high. Mainly, it is because a lot of people do not anymore guard their health – specifically what they partake and do not partake.

It is no secret to the public that too much sugar consumption is the main cause of diabetes. However, everyday, it is a constant huge battle to stay away from delicious yet very sweet foods and drinks.

Actually, you don’t need to shy away from everything. You just have to put limits in your intake of top diabetes-causing food and drinks to lower the risk of the disease.

Based on an article on Health Line, here is a list of seven(7) top diabetes-causing food and drinks that you should not consume in very large amounts:

1. Fruit Juice & Soda

While the word “fruit” seems healthy, fruit juices are usually loaded with sugar which sweetens it. They have similar effects like soda.

Fruit Juice
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2. Coffee w/ Flavor

Often, a lot of people like to drink flavored coffee not knowing that it is linked to a lot of health conditions including diabetes. It is loaded with carbohydrates that spike the blood sugar levels.

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3. Pasta & Rice

Eating too much pasta and rice may also lead to diabetes. These food are greatly needed by the body but they contain a lot of carbohydrates so they should be consumed with limites.

Top Diabetes-Causing Food
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4. Dried Fruit

Based on the article, one of the top diabetes-causing food is dried fruit as the process to dry the fruit takes away the water in it leading to the concentration of its sugar content.

4. Dried Fruits
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5. Sweet Breakfast Cereals

Not all cereals are healthy for the body. It is really important to check on their carbohydrates content as some are not excellent day starters as they can cause diabetes.

5. Breakfast Cereal
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6. Yogurt

Based on the article, fruit-flavored yogurts may be loaded with both carbohydrates and sugar. It is best to prefer plain and whole-milk yogurt.

Top Diabetes-Causing Food
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7. Honey

Some believe that honey being a natural sweetener is good for people with diabetes. The truth is that it can spike the sugar level like how the brown sugar does.

7. Honey
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