Gerald Anderson-Julia Barretto “Relationship” Approved By Dennis Padilla


Dennis Padilla approved the Gerald Anderson-Julia Barretto “relationship”

Veteran comedian Dennis Padilla showed approval to the “relationship” of his daughter Julia Barretto with her Between Maybes leading man Gerald Anderson

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The issue involving Gerald, Julia, and the actor’s ex-girlfriend created a loud in the showbiz circles as well as on social media. Allegations arose that Gerald and Julia already have a relationship. However, the actor admitted that he is pursuing the actress. More than that, they haven’t said any update regarding the status of their relationship.

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Amid this issue, Dennis, as the father of Julia, was also asked to react. He confirmed that he and Gerald indeed had a conversation over the phone. He revealed during the recent press conference for his movie Sanggano, Sanggago’t, Sanggwapo, the veteran comedian revealed what he said to Gerald during their conversation.

Gerald Anderson Julia Barretto
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Based on the article from Abante, Dennis Padilla gave a reminder to Gerald Anderson and not a warning. He reminded the younger actor that Julia is his daughter and that he does not want her to be hurt. The comedian added that he was not able to meet Gerald yet in person unlike his daughter’s ex-boyfriend and love team partner Joshua Garcia.

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Dennis also shared that if ever Gerald and Julia will be a couple, he will accept it because he does not want to intervene with the decision of her daughter. When reporters commented that the young actress is indeed a strong lady, as a father, the comedian said “sobra”, based on the article from Abante. However, he admitted that trait of Julia did not come from him but from her mother Marjorie Barretto.

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