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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

John Regala Finally Talks With Biological Son From The US

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John Regala Finally Talks With Biological Son From America

JOHN REGALA TALKS WITH BIOLOGICAL SON – After years apart, former actor John Regala finally had the opportunity to talk to his son from the United States.

Regala and his son, John Paul Kieffer or John Regala Jr. had the chance to talk heart-to-heart via a video call. Their talk lasted for around an hour as they talked about how they’d been, and a promise that they would meet after the coronavirus pandemic dies out.

According to an article from ABS-CBN, Regala’s former wife Aurina Manasala Hunt talked about how it was Kieffer who wanted to meet his father in person. However, the former actor was the one who told his son not to come due to the threat of COVID-19 in the Philippines.

John Regala Finally Talks With Biological Son From The US
Image from: ABS-CBN

As per the article, Regala said:

I’m very happy that I am talking to you. Before I lose hope, my son never noticed me. But it is okay, as long as he is in good hands. But now I am proud of you, very very proud of you

The last time the father and son got to meet was back in 2002. His son was just around 6 years old when he migrated to America with his mother. Hunt went to America first after her father died and John followed shortly after. But, during that time, Hunt and Regala were already separated.

During their video call, John thanked his ex-wife for taking good care of his son. “I thank your mom for taking care of you and have a good life there in America. I heard you are practicing medicine right now, continue that”, the actor added.

Currently, Regala is receiving medication in the National Kidney and Transplant institute because of his condition called liver cirrhosis, gout, and diabetes.

Meanwhile, both Regala and his son are looking forward to when they could meet as the actor told his son:

I will teach you all the acting, good acting, not the stereotype actor, acting — this is new acting. Kamukha mo nga ako.

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