Vice Ganda Story About Mariel 10 Years Ago Goes Viral


VICE GANDA – The “Unkabogable” star Vice Ganda told a story about his dear friend Mariel and her husband, action star Robin Padilla.

During the interview of a contestant in Its Showtime’s “Tawag ng Tanghalan“. The comedian told a story about Mariel that occurred 10 years ago. Clearly, this was a story that held significant value for Vice as he remembered the story even after a decade.

Vice talked about how men propose and how it’s one the sweetest things ever. He said:

Ibang klaseng saya yung nararamdaman ng tao pag nagpo-propose, parang napakahalaga mong tao. Ang ganda mo! Ang ganda mo, ang kinis mo, ang busilak mo, ang lalim mo.. Parang ang perfect mo kapag pinakitaan kang ganung gesture.

Vice Ganda Story About Mariel 10 Years Ago Goes Viral
Image from: GMA / Viva Entertainment

Afterward, Vice talked about how he sent a video to Mariel that happened 10 years ago. Vice recalled how Mariel’s husband, Robin Padilla gave her a ring.

“Kinilig pa din ago, tas’ sinend ko sa kanya sabi ko ang ganda mo rito, ang lambot mo, nakakagigil ka, tapos sabi niya, 10 years ago yon’ binigyan niya ako ng singsing tas 10 years na kami ngayon binigyan niya ulit ako ng bago.. Nag propose daw ulit”.

Vice proved how much of a romantic action star Robin Padilla was and how amazing the feeling of getting a proposal must be. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, fear and panic may get the best of us. However, we could still look to love to help us through these trying times.

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