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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Venus Raj Running For Office? Officials Approaching Her To Run

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Is Venus Raj Running For Office?

VENUS RAJ – Beauty queen and former Miss Universe fourth runner-up Venus Raj recently answered rumors about her running for office.

As Raj guest starred on Queentuhan, an online talk show with fellow Beauty queens such as Pia Wurtzbach, Binaca Guidotti, and Carla Lizardo, she admitted that some officials approached her to run for office. According to an article from ABS-CBN, Raj said:

Actually ang dami na ring nagtanong sa akin niyan…Some of the officials in our province even approached me, approached my mom, and said can you run for office in our province

Venus Raj Running For Politics? Officials Approaching Her To Run
Image from: Wikiwand

However, Raj asserted that politics wasn’t the thing that makes her heart beat. Instead of serving as a public official, Raj emphasized that she saw her self as a “servant of the Lord”.

The Miss Universe fourth runner-up also said that giving food is one things, but she explained that the food would only last a couple of days. Instead, she’d want to give spiritual food which could transform the lives of others for eternity. “To me that’s weightier compared to just getting them through the day”, she said.

As per the article, Raj said that she found her calling as she was doing ministry work by the end of 2014. She said she realized that there was nothing more to do than to serve the Lord.

Raj also promoted their program called #NotAlone, an initiative catered toward the youth to help them realize they’re not alone amid the emotional turmoil they could be going through.

“Many of them are having difficulties when it comes to relationships at home, some are getting depressed, and some of them are having suicidal thoughts”, she said. Afterward, she explained that if these youth realize that they are not alone because of the Lord, that would make a difference in their lives.

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