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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Regine Velasquez On Online Classes – “Hirap Talaga Siya”

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Regine Velasquez Talks About Online Classes And Its Challenges

REGINE VELASQUEZ – Much like most moms, Asia’s Songbird, Regine Velasquez also shared the sentiments of many regarding the challenges of online classes.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, students, teachers, and parents were required to use a new system of education. However, transitioning from one system to another does have its issues.

According to Regine, the start of her transition was rough. She explained that her son, Nate, had a “really hard time”. Regine added that he couldn’t concentrate because of the new set-up.

Regine Velasquez On Online Classes – "Hirap Talaga Siya"
Image from: Regine Velasquez | Instagram

Along with this, Regine also emphasized that although she’s not focusing too much on how Nate handles his academics, she is focusing on Nate’s attention to his studies. However, based on an article from Push, Regine said:

“Pero noong umpisa, medyo hirap talaga siya. So I always ask yung pinaka principal nila and I was telling that Nate is having a hard time in school…

For some reason, he cannot concentrate and she was telling me na all of them are like Nate, apparently.

Furthermore, Regine also noted how even the teachers themselves were having a hard time because of the new learning scheme. Luckily, Regine said that after 2 weeks, Nate was able to adjust and focus more on his online classes.

Still, one of the things that Regine is thinking about when it comes to online classes is the interaction between his son and kids of his own age. But, because of the internet, Regine said that Nate could still communicate with his classmates and cousins in Bulacan.

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