Daniel And Kathryn Married In Halloween – Til’ Death Do Us Part

Daniel Padilla & Kathryn Bernardo Got Married For Halloween

KATHNIEL GOT MARRIED – Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo embodies the phrase “‘Til Death Do Us Part” for Halloween – Literally.

The powerhouse couple had long teased the idea of marriage. Naturally, nothing is confirmed yet. However, the couple’s love for Halloween has always remained constant.

Daniel And Kathryn Married In Halloween – Til' Death Do Us Part
Image from: Philstar

This year, “The House Arrest Of Us” stars turned into a ghost bride and zombie groom for Halloween. In their Instagram accounts, the couple posted their spooky costumes with the ominous caption “Wait a little bit. We will visit you”. But, with the pandemic going on, some Netizens asked the question “Do zombies and ghost still need quarantine passes?”.


Daniel, the zombie groom, called Kathryn “The Most Beautiful Ghost Bride”. Furthermore, Daniel had a greeting for his fans on Instagram: “Mad sounds in your ears, they make you get up and dance. They make you get up. Happy Halloween everyone”.

Sadly, due to the pandemic, Star Magic’s annual Halloween Ball was out of the question. So, Daniel simply posted a throwback of their Halloween costumes last year that won them the “best couple costume” in the event.

Recently, the couple also shared that they’re about to take a big step in their relationship. During a virtual press conference, the couple mentioned planning for their future dream house.

According to an article from Philstar, Daniel said:

Importante sa amin ang interior design ng bahay, e, so mahilig namin gawin ni Kathryn iyon. Mahilig kami tumingin ng mga bahay, ng mga design…

However, Daniel emphasized that their plans won’t start anytime soon as they’re still building their parents’ dream houses. “Siyempre dream namin iyong bahay namin in the future, pero hindi pa naman talaga iyon mangyayari kasi it’s too early. Pero, of course, nandun iyon sa wishlist namin.“, he added.

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