Bieber In Central Park: No One Notices Him


Bieber was not recognized while running in the Central Park to catch a Pokemon.

Bieber risks his safety in the Central Park just to catch one seriously valuable Pokémon, Gyrados.

His clip while running in the Central Park is now Viral on the Social Media. Bieber’s video was posted by his long time manager Scooter Braun.

The video showed that Justin is running across the street along with everyone else who was playing the game, but no one noticed him at all. Hundreds of people are searching for the chance to get the very rare Pokemon “Gyrados” in the Central Park.

Players were all focused searching for the Pokemon and didn’t notice that the pop star was among them getting the opportunity to caught the Pokemon.

 Bieber Plays Pokemon Go in Central Park_ Watch _ Billboard

According to a report, Justin Bieber was in town as a part of his purpose tour. The pop star grab the opportunity to get the very rare Pokemon and took to the streets with his friend Alfredo Flores to search for Gyrados.

Flores posted a photo on Twitter with the caption “Central Park catching them all!

Some missed their chance to be with Bieber because their too busy playing with the Pokemon Go. The clip of Bieber while Running in the Central Park is now taking the Social media by storm.

Many people gathered in New York’s Central Park to catch the rare Pokemon and they never noticed that Bieber was among them.

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