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Brilliant Skin CEO Appeals to BBM Supporters Not to Cancel Andrea

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Brilliant Skin CEO Appeals to BBM Supporters Trying to Cancel Andrea Brillantes

Brilliant Skin Essentials CEO appealed to the supporters of Bongbong Marcos (BBM) not to cancel Andrea Brillantes.

Andrea Brillantes, a certified “Kakampink” or supporter of Vice President Leni Robredo, is now being chastised on social media for her anti-election sentiments. The actress, who is a first-time voter, denounced the results, which indicate a significant disparity between Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr and her presidential candidate.

Brilliant CEO BBM Supporters

Meanwhile, Miss Glenda Victorio, CEO of Brilliant Skin Essentials, Inc., released photos of some UniTeam fans requesting that Andrea be removed as a product endorser. Glenda begs them not to join the ‘cancel culture,’ instead of allowing Andrea to express herself through social media.

She also pleaded with people not to trash the packaging of her items. Miss Glenda also claimed to be a BBM-Sara supporter, but she did not call for a boycott or reprimands against Andrea. “Di ba nga, pinagmamalaki natin na against tayo sa #cancelculture? Toxic ‘yon!” she said in her Facebook post.

“People are calling me out to remove Andrea Brillantes, ilan lang ‘yan sa mga comments na nai-screenshot ko. Huwag naman sanang umabot sa sisirain nating yung packaging ng product katulad nito,” she added.

Miss Glenda noted that she already talked to the young actress’ manager to Andrea herself. “At alam kong pinagsisihan niya kung anuman yung pagkakamali niya.”

Miss Glenda also defended Andrea that even though they have different views when it comes to politics, she knows her personally and loves her. She believes no one deserves the treatment she is currently receiving.

“As much as we have differences in our political beliefs, I know Blythe personally and I love her very much. I don’t think anyone deserves the kind of bashing she is getting now. She is just as passionate as everyone else this election season and she may have said things out of intense emotions and impulse,” she stressed.

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