Jed Madela Called “T*nga, B*bo” After Performance at PRRD Thanksgiving

Jed Madela Called “T*nga, B*bo” Over Performance at Thanksgiving Concert of PRRD

Filipino singer Jed Madela was called “t*nga and b*bo” after his performance at the thanksgiving concert for President Rodrigo Roa Duterte (PRRD).

At the “Salamat, PRRD” Thanksgiving event, which was held on June 26, at the Quirino Grandstand in Luneta, Manila, the Kapamilya singer said that he had received criticism from someone over the song selection he sang.

Jed Madela  PRRD Thanksgiving

He claimed that some critics refer to him as stupid since the song “You Raised Me Up” that he sang is claimed to be “pang-patay.” The singer was not stressed; instead, she felt pity for the critics. If given the chance, he would like to explain the song’s lyrics so people could determine which parts were “pang-patay”.

“Someone called me ‘TANGA’ and ‘BOBO’ coz I sang YOU RAISE ME UP. Pang patay daw… Saang part kaya doon ang pampatay? Tsk tsk tsk. I pity this person… Haaaaay… Halika. Explain ko ang lyrics sa’yo…” Jed wrote.

Meanwhile, besides Jed, Kapamilya singer Concert King Martin Nievera was also present at the Thanksgiving event. Along with Martin Nievera, other notable guests include the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra, Andrew E, Chad Borja, Dulce, Florante, Freddie Aguilar, Ice Seguerra, Isay Alvarez, Jimmy Bondoc, and Chad Borja.

Filipino musicians and supporters of President Duterte organized the “Salamat, PRRD” Thanksgiving concert at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila to express their gratitude to the departing leader. The venue was lit up and filled with lovely music. Thousands of President Duterte’s supporters continued to march despite the rain.

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