After the Controversy, Is Awra Briguela Really Making a Showbiz Comeback?

After the controversy involving Awra Briguela, it seems that he has plans to return to the showbiz scene. What are the events and signs that may lead to his comeback to the limelight?

Awra Briguela

The name Awra Briguela remains resilient in the world of showbiz. However, recently, his name became embroiled in controversy due to an incident at a bar in Makati, which led to legal actions from both sides.

Amidst this controversy, his manager, Vice Ganda, extended support. Vice Ganda, a renowned comedian, staunchly defended Awra amidst the controversial news. He expressed his love and support for Awra, giving assurance that they would not abandon their ward.

Awra Briguela

But it seems there’s good news for Awra’s fans. Recently, Awra posted a photo on his Instagram with Maja Salvador while reading a script. This garnered attention and raised speculations that Awra might be making a comeback to the showbiz scene.

Many fans expressed their support and happiness at the apparent return of Awra. In that photo, you can see the joy on the faces of the two artists as they read the script, hinting at a potential opportunity for them to work together again in front of the camera.

Awra Briguela and Maja Salvador

As of now, there is no official statement from Awra Briguela regarding his plans to return to showbiz. However, based on the signs of happiness and hope in his Instagram photos, we may witness the joyful return of a talented young artist to the entertainment industry. Let’s stay tuned for further developments and announcements from Awra Briguela, and hopefully, his success and “Awra” in the showbiz industry continue.

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