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Angillyn Gorens’ Sister Reacts to Viral Photos and Supposed “Relationship” With Buboy Villar

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Angillyn Gorens’ family member issued a statement over viral photos and alleged relationship with Buboy Villar.

18-year-old actor Buboy Villar recently made headlines on social media after he shared photos of his “girlfriend” namely Angillyn Gorens whom he called “mahal”.

Their supposed relationship circulated online and it was even reported by leading news sites in the country including GMA News.

But according to a family member of Angillyn Gorens, they are unaware of the romantic affair between her and the Kid Kulafu star.

On Wednesday, April 13, 2016, Veybillyn Serrano Gorens, the sister of Angillyn Gorens took to Facebook where she posted her reaction regarding the viral photos and supposed relationship of the young actor and her sister.

Here’s her complete statement:

“For those who are asking.
Our parents is not aware of what is going on between Buboy Villar and my sister. My mom who is in America for several months now was so upset when all her friends started calling her about the trending pictures of Buboy Villar and my sister at our house. My parents only allowed him to visit and get to know each other well and no relationship yet because she is still a minor the last time my mom spoke to Buboy Villar they both agreed that he is going to come visit and start courting my sister like a Filipino, unfortunately she didn’t expect that this will be posted and be trended on social media she didn’t like how Buboy Villar talks on social media about having a relationship already. We were surprise when GMA first posted about the relationship and pictures of Buboy Villar and my sister they didn’t verify to the family first before posting that Buboy Villar and my sister is in a relationship.
Share this so that others will know the truth.”

Photo Credit: Veybillyn Serrano Gorens/Angillyn Gorens | Facebook


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