Arci Muñoz Goes To Japan Just To Attend BTS “Love Yourself” Concert

Arci Muñoz admitted that she became a fan of BTS. She even went to Japan just to see the K-pop group on its “Love Yourself” concert and shared it on her social media account.

Arci Muñoz
Instagram photo from Arci Muñoz

In her Instagram post, Arci Muñoz posted a lot of photos during her stay in Japan. She captioned it with “Occupation: Fangirl” along with lots of hashtags.


She even recorded the said concert for the sake of her co-ARMYs who were not able to attend to the BTS concert in Japan and posted it in a separate post.

Always been a fangirl. sa anime, disney, rock n roll. But never fangirled this hard,” she said in a post. “Iba talaga ginawa sakin ng #bts haha di ko maexplain happiness ko. Di na nga ma gets ng normal na mga nilalang eh.”


She also said in the same post, she apologized her fans that she only posted a video where the said K-pop group sang “Magic Shop” during their concert.

“But I’ve always been unapologetic. But this time mag apologise ako sa #armyph magic shop lang navideohan ko. Hehe abangan nyo nalang iba pang patakas na video sa vlog. Enjoy! Bawi tayo!! Promise!

Meanwhile, she had a quick photo shoot with Akira Harigae (@akiraharigae) during her stay in Japan. She brought various merchandise from BT21 – including a pink umbrella with a rabbit Cooky design made by BTS, and eight stuffed-toy versions of all animated characters.


If you didn’t see what Arci was doing during her stay in Japan, you can watch her vlog below!

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