Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque: The Real Cause of Their Breakup

In the latest news from the world of showbiz, it has come to light that differences in religion were the root cause of the breakup between ex-celebrity couple Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque. This revelation was made by showbiz insider Ogie Diaz in the latest episode of “Showbiz Updates” on Thursday, June 20.

Bea Dominic

In the said episode, Ogie shared what he had heard about the real reason behind Bea and Dominic’s separation. According to the rumors Ogie received, Bea supposedly confirmed in an interview with GMA showbiz reporter Nelson Canlas that she was not the one who broke up with Dominic.

“Kasi ito ‘yong senaryo. So, ang gusto raw ni Dominic ay Christian wedding. Kino-convince nitong si Dominic si Bea na mag-convert sa Christian. According sa mga naririnig ko, si Bea para hindi pa siya convinced,” Ogie stated.

He added, “So, wala pa raw sa kamalayan ni Bea na mag-convert bilang Christian. Ito naman daw si Dominic e sabi parang baka hindi magkatuluyan or baka magkahiwalay sila kung sakali na hindi pumayag si Bea.”

According to the showbiz insider, it was not yet the right time for Bea to change her religion, which led to the wedding being called off. Dominic supposedly couldn’t accept this situation, so he is now trying to win back Bea.

“Lumalabas ay hindi pa panahon para kay Bea daw na magpalit ng relihiyon kaya na-call off nga ‘yong wedding. At si Dominic ay parang hindi makapayag. So, wini-winback niya ngayon si Bea,” Ogie added.

Despite Dominic’s efforts, it seems Bea has decided not to proceed with the postponed wedding. According to Ogie, Bea allegedly no longer wants to continue with the wedding.

As of this writing, Bea and Dominic have not made any statements or comments to confirm the rumors. It appears that neither plans to issue an official statement about their breakup and its real reason.

The breakup of Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque continues to be a hot topic in showbiz circles, and their fans are eagerly awaiting more details from both sides. Until an official statement is made, their relationship and the religious issue that reportedly caused their separation will remain the subject of much speculation and discussion.

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