Bea Alonzo Removes Dominic Roque’s Photos from Instagram

Recent developments on social media have stirred up speculation about the relationship status between Filipino celebrities Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque. Fans were quick to notice that Alonzo seemingly removed all photos of Roque from her Instagram profile, sparking rumors about the state of their romance.

Bea Dominic

The saga began when Roque was spotted with a photo of Alonzo as his phone wallpaper, igniting hopes among fans that the couple might be rekindling their relationship. However, Alonzo’s apparent deletion of their joint photos and their breakup statement from February 11 seemed to suggest otherwise.

Interestingly, while Alonzo removed photos of them together, she chose to keep the ones taken by Roque, giving him credit in the captions. This move adds an intriguing layer to the situation, leaving fans to wonder about the dynamics between the two.

Despite the social media activity, there seems to be no animosity between Alonzo and Roque. Roque continues to interact with Alonzo’s posts, including liking her most recent update on April 11. Moreover, both parties still follow each other on Instagram as of the latest update, indicating that there might still be mutual respect and regard despite the apparent changes in their online presence.

The public first learned about Alonzo and Roque’s relationship in 2021, and their engagement in 2023 came as a pleasant surprise to many. However, just a few months later, they announced the end of their engagement in February, citing the need for careful deliberation and prayer before making the difficult decision.

The couple’s decision to keep the details of their breakup private speaks volumes about their desire to handle the situation with dignity and respect. Despite the speculation and questions from the public, Alonzo and Roque have chosen to maintain a united front and urged their fans to understand the complexity of their decision.

As fans continue to speculate about the status of their relationship, one thing remains clear: Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque are navigating this challenging time with grace and maturity. Whether their recent social media activity indicates a final chapter or a potential reconciliation, only time will tell. In the meantime, fans will undoubtedly keep a close eye on their Instagram feeds for any further updates.

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