Friday, December 2, 2022

Bea Talks About Real Score With Gerald

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Bea Alonzo talked about the real status with Gerald Anderson after ‘How To Be Yours?’ gained a lot of positive comments.

Bea Alonzo spoke her side on the rumors of the possible rekindling of the past intimate relationship she has with Gerald Anderson.

After the premiere screening of their recent movie, “How To Be Yours?”, a lot of people have been expressing on the possibility that Bea and Ge are most likely to give love a second chance.

Previous report stated that Ge admitted in the press conference of their movie that he was the reason of their break-up. He said that he felt scared of everything that were going on around them that time.

Seeing the two as ideal couple, a lot hoped on the BeaRald love team to be in real life again.

Bea even admitted in a report in Phil Star Global that she did not expect that after six years since they broke up, people will tell that they look together.

The report also stated that the actress finds the comment interesting though weird. With regards to the status of rekindling love with Ge, she said that she does not know about it and it is too early for it.

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