Boy Abunda Out Of Showbiz? Host Reveals Truth About Rumors

Boy Abunda Answers Rumors That He’s Out Of Showbiz

BOY ABUNDA OUT OF SHOWBIZ? – One of the most renowned hosts of his generation, Boy Abunda, has been out of the spotlight for quite sometime now.

Back in the glory days of Philippine entertainment, Tito Boy was the utmost authority when it comes to showbiz news. However, the advent of social media admittedly put a dent on his style of content.

Instead of blind items, rumors, and hot topics, fans could now directly go to a celebrity social media account and get news straight from them. Thus, the landscape of entertainment news changed drastically.

Boy Abunda Out Of Showbiz? Host Reveals Truth About Rumors
Image from: Philnews

So, what does this mean for Tito Boy?

Now, celebrities themselves have several platforms to connect to their fans faster. Along with this, the rise of content creation paved way for artists to have their own talk shows online. Still, nothing could be the classic.

According to an article from Inquirer, Boy Abunda said he would go back to full-time work next year. Meanwhile, the host said he’d want to spend a month in his hometown of Borongan.

During a phone call with a reporter from Inquirer, Boy acknowledged the changes in trends when it came to entertainment news. He cited that to keep up with the ever-changing landscape, one must “rediscover” themselves.

Furthermore, he emphasized that “rediscovering oneself does more than reinventing”. Obviously, trying to change yourself to fit the landscape may benefit you in the short term. However, this ends up with you always chasing trends instead of establishing your own identity.

Boy, in his years of experience realizes this fact and opted to work on himself rather than working on trends. Still, Boy will always hold a place in the hearts of many as fans await his return.

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