Catching Pokémon Is Not Really Illegal, But It Can Send You To Jail

Catching Pokémon is not really illegal, but it can send you to jail. Hon. Yvonne Cabaron Artiga, Presiding Judge of Cebu City at the 3rd branch of MTCC, wrote a notice and pin in it on the door of her office.The notice says that “Under pain of contempt, ‘Pokémon catching’ inside the court is ‘strictly prohibited.’ Justice maybe blind but can see Pokémon catchers. Violators will be facing ‘fine’ and ‘imprisonment.”

Catching Pokemon

The Judge has a point because the “Court Room” is not a proper place for this kind of activities or maybe, the judge is protecting the nearby legendary Pokémon “MewTwo.” Hmm… Every curios mind seems to be confused what kind of reason the Judge has for making this rule inside the Court Room.

The judge made this notice to post in in the office to make sure that the employees of the offices will do their job properly without the intervention of any smartphone games.

This to let the government employees know their boundaries when they are in duty. It will also avoid the inconvenience of the traffic inside government offices. Places like Offices and work place should not allowed workers or particulars to room around just to catch Pokémon.

Know that this Judge has a point for implementing these rule in the government office. Don’t even bother to think what will be the charges of you will violate her rule. It is really ridiculous to be sent in jail for catching Pokémon.

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