Gwapings: Women In The Lives Of Jomari Yllana, Mark Anthony Fernandez, Eric Fructuoso, Jao Mapa


Here are the women in the lives of the 90’s popular teenage boy group Gwapings

Mark Anthony Fernandez, Jomari Yllana, Eric Fructuoso and Jao Mapa were collectively known as the ‘Gwapings’.

They were the members of the famous all-male group during the 1990s which is composed of stars who were considered as heartthrobs with a touch of toughness from their era.

The group had two movies Gwapings: The First Adventure (1992) and Gwapings Dos (1993).


They also had a TV show in the Kapuso network ‘Gwapings Live!’ from 1992 to 1993.

In their teenage years, Jao, Mark Anthony, Jomari and Eric were the hottest boys among the girls.

Here are the girls or rather women that were involved in the lives of the members of the 90’s most popular boy group.


Mark Anthony Fernandez has a publicly known relationship with actress Claudine Barretto in the 1990s and he was previously married to Melissa Garcia to whom he had two children, Grae and Rudolf.

They got married in 2006 and they confirmed their separation in 2014.

Jomari Yllana was married to actress Aiko Melendez but they also separated. They had a son named Andrei.

The actor was formerly linked to veteran actress Jean Garcia but they clarified that it was just all rumors which was due to their closeness.

Currently, he is in a relationship with a non-showbiz woman named Joy Reyes and they are expecting their baby.

Eric Fructuoso was in a controversy when he admitted who were the women he had made love with.

He bravely revealed the names of his past girlfriends Ara Mina, Joyce Jimenez, Aubrey Miles and Abby Viduya/Priscilla Almeda.

It was also reported that he had a relationship with Claudine Barretto who was also the ex-girlfriend of his fellow Gwapings member.

He is now married to a his non-showbiz wife and they were blessed with 5 children.

Jao Mapa, the addition to the group as the fourth member, had a relationship with a non-showbiz girl before but it many thought that he was so broken-hearted when they separated and the girl got married that is why he decided to leave showbiz.

However, in an interview, the actor clarified this issue and said that his girlfriend left him for somebody else but they became friends after what happened. He also revealed that he never had a showbiz girlfriend.

Jao is now happily married to his wife Cecile and they have 3 children named Benjamin, Caleb and Amber Marie.

(photo sources:PEP, GMA, Inquirer, PSR) 


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