Priscilla Almeda AKA Abby Viduya: Her Life After Leaving Showbiz

Here is the life now of former sexy actress Priscilla Almeda, who was initially known as Abby Viduya, after she left show business

Former sexy star Priscilla Almeda, who was also known as Abby Viduya when she first entered the world of show business, has long been out of the entertainment circle.

She was once featured as the love interest of the ‘Gwapings’ composed originally of Mark Anthony Fernandez, Jomari Yllana and Eric Fructuoso.

The latter admitted that they had a relationship before, based on the previous article.

Priscilla was a popular sexy star during the 1990s through her daring films such as ‘Sutla’, ‘Huwag Kang Kikibo’ and ‘Syota ng Bayan’.

Priscilla Almeda

Like other former sexy actresses, Priscilla also decided to leave the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry.

Her world went upside down when she learned that she was just adopted by the Viduya family and her real parents are living in Canada where she also spent her growing up years.

In an article published in The Philippine Star, it was said that she came up to a decision to separate from her husband after two years of being together.

She revealed that her ex-husband’s treatment to her changed when she got pregnant with her daughter Tippi because of his doubt if the child was really his own blood.

Three years after that revelation, Priscilla Almeda was spotted in Japan.

She lived a very low profile life in port city of Ichihara in Chiba Pref and worked in a Japanese restaurant called Pon-Yo (which means friend), based on the article published by Philippines Today.

Priscilla Almeda
(Philippines Today)

The former sexy star was asked why she was there in Japan while she could be living a more comfortable life in Canada wherein most of her relatives resides.

She said that the reason for that is because she loves Japanese food as well as the place and the people there.

Priscilla also said that she was not thinking of returning to showbiz.

Based on her Facebook account, she is currently living in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

Abby Viduya aka Priscilla Almeda has been living a private life after she turned away from the spotlight and apparently she is happy of her decision.

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