Meet Assunta, Alessandra De Rossi’s Equally Beautiful Sisters


People may not know that Assunta and Alessandra De Rossi have other two younger sisters who are also good-looking

Sisters Assunta and Alessandra De Rossi both had paved their way into stardom through their beauty and talent.

They have already starred in numerous movies as well as in various TV shows and there is no single hint of sibling rivalry between them.

De Rossi sisters

Both of them were able to maintain the family bond they have above the fame they achieved in showbiz.

However, it may not come to the knowledge of many people that the De Rossi sisters in the entertainment industry have other two equally beautiful sisters.

They are named Margherita and Isabel Schiavone, based on the article published in GMA Entertainment.


Margherita or Maggie is the third sister while Isabel is the youngest among the four girls.

Assunta shared on her Instagram account a photo of her and her younger sisters during the time they were together in 2016 holiday season which is the first time again since 1998.

The last time we were all together for Christmas, it was Christmas of 1998??#sistahs

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Indeed, the other sisters of Assunta and Alessandra possess the same beauty very much qualified to be in showbiz also.

Since Assunta is already based in Negros Occidental for her husband Jules Ledesma is a politician in the province, the eldest among the sisters brought Maggie and Isabel to the beautiful spots in the city of San Carlos.


Sometimes, the De Rossi sisters here in the Philippines were the ones going abroad to spend time with their other sisters, since the younger ones are based in Italy.


It is evident that the Schiavone sisters are really close to each other even on their throwback photos when they were still young.

With cousins Jessica and Joyce, and playmate Jenny. ? #throwback

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