Mayor Patrick Meneses Reacts To Ex-Partner Ara Mina’s Statement


Is there a possibility for Mayor Patrick Meneses and Ara Mina to get back to each other?

MAYOR PATRICK MENESES – Bulakan, Bulacan Mayor Patrick Meneses reacted to his former partner Ara Mina’s statement over having another child.

Mayor Patrick Meneses and Ara Mina have not gotten back as a couple but they are co-parenting their only daughter named Amanda Gabrielle.

Although there were issues when they separated, the politician and the actress were able to be in good terms again with each other.

Mayor Patrick Meneses, Ara Mina
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Based on a recent report in Pep, in an interview with the source at the last media conference for the film The Significant Other, Mayor Patrick Meneses expressed that he will always have a ‘special love’ for Ara Mina being the mother of his daughter.

The politician is one of the people behind the CineKo productions, the producer that released the film The Significant Other starred by Tom Rodriguez, Lovi Poe, and Erich Gonzales.

Based on the report, Mayor Patrick Meneses believes that it is not impossible for him and Ara Mina to get back to each other.

“Parang everyone naman kasi is candidate, what more siya na matagal ko ring nakasama… puwede ulit,” he said.

When asked about the reason why they did not get back to each other, the politician expressed that there are differences that he and Ara were not able to settle.

Mayor Patrick was also asked about his reaction regarding the statement of Ara that in case she will having a child again, she wants him to still be the father of the child.

“Why not? Why not? I’m single and she’s single. Gusto niya, e. Oo naman,” he said.

Based on the report, Mayor Patrick Meneses and Ara Mina are really in good terms now with each other. He is also spending time with his three-year-old daughter as much as he can.

According to him, “quality time” is very important to him and he also often calls Amanda to check on her.

Aside from Ara Mina, the politician was also previously involved with actress Aiko Melendez. He expressed that they have not seen each other yet but he believes that they are okay in case they will.

Based on the report, Mayor Patrick Meneses shared that he has only met Andre Yllana, the son of Aiko with her former husband Jomari Yllana.

According to him, the actress’ son said hi to him and they talked.

Aiko Melendez and Ara Mina who previously had an issue before are also in good terms now. Undeniably, all of them have moved on from what happened before.


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