Gerald Anderson, Pia Wurtzbach Had “Awkward Moments” During ‘My Perfect You’ Thanksgiving Party?

Gerald Anderson and Pia Wurtzbach allegedly had “awkward moments” during the thanksgiving party for their movie ‘My Perfect You’.

Gerald Anderson and Pia Wurtzbach who teamed up in the latest movie of Star Cinema, ‘My Perfect You’, allegedly had some “awkward moments” during the thanksgiving party.

This observation from the netizens after stories in entertainment news blasted when Gerald who is in a relationship now with Bea Alonzo unfollowed her boyfriend and Pia on Instagram.

Gerald Anderson / Pia Wurtzbach

Due to this, netizens can’t help but notice how the two Kapamilya stars acted towards each other during the thanksgiving party for their movie.

Based on the articlerecently published in, a video uploaded on YouTube showed how Pia and Gerald were during the said party.


It was said that some netizens pointed out that the actor was obviously feeling awkward towards his partner in the movie.

Some also noticed that it was not just Gerald Anderson who exhibited awkwardness during the party but also the beauty queen.

Due to what they observed between the two Kapamilya stars, many started to speculate that there was really something going on between them.


For them, that was the cause why they felt awkward towards each other during that time.

When some noticed that the actor gave a safe distance between him and the beauty queen turned actress, they concluded that perhaps Gerald is just afraid of Bea.

According to the article, if the actor was intentionally doing that, then it is safe to say that he really give a great value to his relationship with his girlfriend.

After all that has been said and done, it is rumored that everything between the three of them is now okay.



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