Elmo, Janella’s Fans To Jenine Desiderio: “Ikaw ang sumisira sa pamilya mo!”


Fans of love team partners Janella Salvador and Elmo Magalona told the former’s mother, Jenine Desiderio,”Ikaw ang sumisira sa pamilya mo!”

The feud between actress/singer Jenine Desiderio and daughter Janella Salvador and her love team partner Elmo Magalona seemed to be one of the most long-running issue in show business nowadays.

During the recent Mothers’ Day, a fan commented to Jenine saying, “Im sure ur daughter superjanella greet u privately, coz no matter what ur one family. Happy Mothers day. In Godtime his amazing power will be don in the right time. God is good.”

According to an article published in Bandera which was penned by showbiz columnist Alex Brosas, the answer of the veteran singer to this was, “NO, she didn’t.”

Jenine Desiderio
(Photo source: PUSH)

Due to her answer, the fans of Elmo and Janella bashed Jenine.

Based on the article, there is one netizen who said, “Kahit naman ako di rin kita igi greet.”

There was another one who stressed out that it is inappropriate for Jenine to put her daughter into a shameful situation.

“True. Bat mo kailangan pahiyain anak mo in public kahit siya ang mali? It is not making her a better person,” the said netizen commented.

One netizen pointed out that it was Jenine’s fault that she did not receive any Mothers’ Day greeting from her daughter and she is the one destroying her own family.

“Putak ka kasi ng putak. May mga anak na kahit gaano kabait napupuno rin. Maawa ka sa sarili mo at sa anak mo. Ikaw ang sumisira sa pamilya mo,” a netizen told the mother of Janella.

Janella Salvador and Elmo Magalona
(Photo source: Star Cinema)

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Another netizen said that the veteran actress could have ignore the comment and refrain from answering.

“Yung nanay talaga ni Janella hihila sa kanya pababa. Pwede namang hindi na lang sagutin yung sinabi para di na malamang hindi sya binati pero sumagot pa din. Papansin much madir,” a netizen pointed out.

Based on the source, one netizen even said that Jenine should protect Janella as her daughter instead of destroying her image.

“Oo nga siguro baka nga maldita anak mo, pero nanay ka protect her and her image kahit ano pa man ang mangyari. Tsk tsk. Respect is earned, hindi binibigay by default lalo na if you did something. Di porket ikaw ang magulang default respect for you. Tsss!” said one netizen.


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