Dr. Geraldine Zamora-Racaza Shares How She Copes With Her Husband’s Affair With Liz Uy


How did Dr. Geraldine Zamora-Racaza cope with her husband’s affair with Liz Uy?

Dr. Geraldine Zamora-Racaza shared how she coped with the issue concerning her husband’s affair with stylist and model Liz Uy.

It can be recalled that reports pointed businessman Raymond Racaza is the father of Liz’s baby named Xavi.

In a previous article, the doctor said that she is not planning to file case against her husband and the celebrity.

Dr. Geraldine Zamora-Racaza
(Photo source: @ging,md IG)

Liz brought surprise or rather shock to the world of social media when she posted a photo together with Baby Xavi.

One specific question started to arise after that and it is about the identity of the child’s father.

Liz Uy
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In line with this issue, Dr. Geraldine said during an interview that it has not been the first time she was asked to respond to the issue of her husband’s affair with the stylist.

According to her, she was asked about it for so many times now. Her views about what happened came from the fact that she understands that people went through different life’s issues.

“Lahat naman tayo may losses, your health, love, family, financials. So it is just how we deal with it,” the doctor said during an interview.

She also shared what are the best things to do in the midst of this issues.

Raymond Racaza
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Dr. Geraldine said that through prayers, and holding on to your love ones and people who you can talk to could help a lot.

She was also asked if what will be her advice to all women who are in the same situation as where she is right now.

The doctor pointed out that her advice is for single mothers.

She said that women like her should be modest and they need to stay strong.

In the midst of the issue about his husband’s affair with Liz Uy, Dr. Geraldine Zamora-Racaza said that she had been trying to stay quiet about it.

(Source: Allan Diones YouTube Channel)


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