BB Gandanghari Answered Concerned Comments From Netizens About Her IG Photo


BB Gandanghari replied to netizens who were worried after seeing her IG photo

Filipino transwoman BB Gandanghari, who is now a model in the US, assured her Instagram followers that there is nothing to be worried about regarding her recent photo.

There were some netizens who commented with concern upon seeing her face in the photo that was posted on her Instagram account last July 2.

Based on the article published in PEP, the photo was a “mood shot” with the caption “#DeadEND.”

BB Gandanghari
(Photo source: @gandangharibb IG)

She also included these following hashtags: #EyesWithoutFace #LivingDead #CiyRats #Character #CharacterMakeUp #Conceptual#Realism #Photography #NoPhotoShop #Model #Transgender #Empowerment

In the comment section of the post of BB Gandanghari, many netizens expressed their concern to her because of how she looked in the photo.

Some of the netizens’ comments received reply from the former action movie star.

She assured them that she is perfectly okay” and that they need not to worry.
The sibling of Robin Padilla also stressed out that it was “mood shot” and “editorial look”.

That was part of her job as a model.
To those who commented that she looks ugly in the photo, he answered that was the whole point of the pictorial.

“That’s the whole point,” she said.
BB added that netizens shoud calm down.

One netizen stated that others should read the hashtags first before posting a comment about it. This received a conforming reply from the model.

On the other hand, some netizens commended her photo and they thanked them, based on the article.

Here are the comments from netizens and the replies of BB Gandanghari:


(Photo source: PEP)
(Photo source: PEP)
(Photo source: PEP)


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