Julia Barretto Fires Back To Bashers Criticizing PDA With Joshua Garcia

This is the answer of Julia Barretto to bashers who are criticizing her public display of affection (PDA) with Joshua Garcia.

Kapamilya actress Julia Barretto has fiery words against her bashers who criticized her public display of affection with Joshua Garcia.

On her Twitter account, Julia expressed an indirect blow to those who did not like the sweetness between them.

Based on the article published in Abante, the actress tweeted: “I hope people who can’t accept success and happiness of others find true peace within themeselves. Bitterness isn’t the cure to your unhappy heart. Humble yourselves.”

Julia Barretto Joshua Garcia
(Photo source: @juliabarretto IG)

She did not directly addressed those bashers of her PDA with Joshua but the message was clear.

It was for the people who are criticizing their sweetness on social media, according to entertainment columnist Rey Pumaloy.

Together with this meaningful tweet was a video of the JoshLia love team.


It can be seen in the video that the two Kapamilya stars who are rumored to be a couple now, showed their sweetness to each other.

Based on the article, it seemed that they intended that to even irritate those who hate them.

Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia looked so happy in the video to show that they are not minding the bashers.

Their fans and supporters agreed on what Julia said.


The relationship of the love team partner went through a tough time when Joshua’s message to a girl went controversial.

He apologized about it and explained his side.

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After that things have been ironed out between the two Kapamilya stars, their sweetness is once again visible on social media.

Their fans are loving what they are seeing in them but bashers expressed negative comments about it.

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