LOOK: BB Gandanghari Defies Age With These Daring Photography Shots


BB Gandanghari defies her age with these daring photography shots which she shared on her Instagram account.

Model-actress BB Gandanghari defies her real age with these daring photography shots.

Aside from pursuing an acting career in Hollywood, the celebrity who is previously known as Rustom Padilla also does modeling.

It can be recalled that one of her photos drew concern from netizens for what she looked like.

BB Gandanghari
(Photo source: @gandangharibb IG)

Whatever negative comments she is receiving, BB is happy that all her hard works in Hollywood are beginning to have results now.

Her friend, Concert Queen Pops Fernandez recently revealed that BB is set to do a show in the US.

However, the singer has not revealed anymore details regarding the upcoming show of her friend.

Nevertheless, Pops is so happy for BB.

From time to time, the model-actress shares photography shots on her Instagram account.

Based on the article published in Pang-Masa, it seemed like she is not 51 years old now.

Yes, BB Gandanghari is on his 5th decade of existence but it does not hinder her to go after and do the things that makes her happy.

With what she is sharing now on Instagram, it seemed that BB Gandanghari’s work as an Uber driver is already over.

Based on the article, a friend of entertainment columnist Jun Lalin confirmed that the sibling of Robin Padilla really worked as a driver in Uber.

Now that she is almost making a name in Hollywood, perhaps, she already left that job.

Apparently, modeling for daring photography shots makes her so much happy, as it can be seen in her photos.

Here are some of BB‘s daring shots.

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Gate Keeper: Paradise lost…🌿🗝💝

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I ain’t no #Queen….🦋🎼🎶 . . “Queens don't break, they just get stronger There ain't nothing they can't conquer”💔 . . ♦️Yesterday, I had the opportunity to work with the most exciting people in #Hollywood. I am thrilled at the same time #starstruck, overwhelmed is an understatement, but greatly inspired by the genius of the director/writer/producer I had the pleasure of working with. My very first booked job and it’s a CO STAR role…Yoo-hoo! Thank you @TheBroganAgency for believing in my talent and trusting that I can deliver during auditions. More to come… Cheers guys!👏 #RaeLynn #Filipino #Transgender #Artist #diversity #inclusion #booked #costar #workingactor

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