Pia Wurtzbach Is A Child Abuse Victim? Netizens React


Netizens concluded that Pia Wurtzbach is a child abuse victim because of her recent Instagram post

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach received comments concluding that she is a child abuse victim.

On her recent Instagram post, the beauty queen shared the story of her childhood. She said that a young age, she became the breadwinner of her family.

Pia Wurtzbach
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At the age of 11, she already knew how to earn for a living not only for herself but for her love ones.

Pia “worked countless jobs from waiting tables to packing boxes in a paper factory.”

From that, she was able to reach her dreams and be where she is right now through her perseverance and hard work.

This garnered admiration from many of her social media followers. Some even expressed that they even love her more now because of what she shared.

Several others commended her for being such an inspiration to many people.

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I’ve been my family’s breadwinner since I was 11. I’ve worked countless jobs from waiting tables to packing boxes in a paper factory — a testament that I hustled on and never gave up ‘til I reached my dreams. Being Miss Universe 2015 is a big and beautiful achievement, but being my ultimate is a continuous journey of self discovery, self love, and self care so I can be a vessel to inspire others. I am able to help promote a healthy & balanced lifestyle, AIDS awareness, women empowerment — and these are far more important to me than any crown I could ever receive. When one embraces what’s beautiful: you’re able to be you to the full. #ThisIsMyUltimate #100UltimateWomen @creamsilkph

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On the other hand, this supposedly positive post from Pia Wurtzbach received negative comments from netizens.

Some criticized her parents for letting her work at a young age. There were even netizens who used the hashtag #childabuseawareness.

Pia Wurtzbach
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Here are some negative comments from netizens, based on the article published in Abante.

“Tamad pala nanay.mo at 11 work kana. Obligasyon ng nanay magtrabaho.”

“Tamad pala Nanay ni Pia pinagtrabaho sya at 11 walang kwenta!”

“I like this “I’m the bread winner of my family doing this and that..” u do know ur basically tel­ling ­everyone that ur parents had let u work when u were 11 , let u feed and support them instead of them working and supporting u?? I’m confused and curious… What were they doing when u were 11? Just sits around waiting for u to come home from work? #childabuseawareness.”

With regards to this, the Miss Universe 2015 explained her side.

Here is what she clarified to her social media followers.

(screen grab from @piawurtzbach IG)


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