PBB Otso Official Housemates Revealed, Netizens React


Get to know the official PBB Otso housemates and the comments of netizens about them

The PBB Otso ignited the Pinoy Big Brother fever once again in the Philippines as the reality show introduced its official housemates.

Last Saturday, the show which features Toni and Alex Gonzaga, Robi Domingo, Kim Chiu and Melai Cantiveros as host, revealed the teen housemates for the new season.

Here are the official PBB Otso housemates and the reaction of netizens to them.

Housemate #1

Seth Fedelin is tagged as the “Ang Hope-pool son ng Cavite”. There were netizens who said that he looks like James Reid while others said he looks and sounds like Daniel Padilla.

Housemate #2

Aljon Mendoza is tagged as “Ang Shy Charmer ng Pampanga”. There was one netizen who said that he looks more gorgeous when he laughs. Several other netizens wished him good luck as one of the PBB Otso housemates.

Housemate #3

Art Guma is tagged as “Ang Baeral Gwapito ng Davao”. A netizen said that Art looks like a Thai actor or model while many said that he is their bet to win in this season of the Kapamilya reality show.

Housemate #4

Josh Worsley is tagged as “Ang Litttle Prince ng Davao”. His cuteness was easily noticed by many netizens. There were also those who said that he looks like Edward Barbers while some said that he is going to be the baby of MayWard (Edward’s love team with Maymay Entrata).

Housemate #5

Jelay Pilones is tagged as “Ang Sassy Sipag Girl ng GenSan”. Since she is a chinita, there were those who said that she looks like Kim Chiu while some commented that she looks like Barbie Xu.

Housemate #6

Kaori Oinuma is tagged as “Ang Kawaii Daughter ng Japan”. Netizens were fast to comment that she looks like a K-Pop star or a Korean actress. There were also those who commended her beauty.

Housemate #7

Lie Reposposa is tagged as “Ang Teenig ng Tawanan ng Davao”. Some netizens predicted that she will be the winner because he is a joker or she has the same personality to Melai Cantiveros and Maymay Entrata.

Housemate #8

Karina Bautista is tagged as “Amg Miss Independent ng Isabela”. There was one netizen who said that Karina deserves to win the PBB Otso big winner title. Some netizens commended her beauty and wit.


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