Carmina Villarroel Breaks Silence On Rumors She’s Quitting Showbiz


Carmina Villarroel finally speaks about the rumors that she is quitting showbiz

Kapuso actress and host Carmina Villarroel has broken her silence regarding the rumors that she is quitting show business.

Carmina or Mina to her close friends in the industry, has been acting since her teenage years.

She has spent most of her life in front of the camera doing TV shows, movies, and endorsements.

Carmina Villaroel
(Photo source: ABS-CBN)

Her husband, Zoren Legaspi, is also a part of a prominent showbiz clan in the Philippines. Now, their twins Mavy and Cassy are beginning to spread their wings under the limelight.

Behind this showbiz success of Carmina Villaroel, it was rumored that she will soon leave the industry.

Based on the article published in PEP, the Kapuso actress reacted to the speculation that she is quitting showbiz for her alleged skin care business.

A headline of a news, which apparently is fake, stated: “Carmina Villarroel Shocks Fans By Quitting Television And Starting Her Own Skincare Company.”

On the other hand, the said article has a fake URL.

In line with this, Carmina clarified that she is not quitting show business.

“Why would I? I love what I’m doing. I will not quit. There is no reason for me to quit,” the actress stressed out.
“Even if I have a business—let’s say I have a skincare line or another company—I will still not quit show business,” she added.
Carmina also stressed out that she is not endorsing the skin care product Auvela. She said that she does not even know if that product exists.
The actress also clarified that she has not stated anything against skin care products from MET, which was stated in the fake article.
She pointed out that whenever she endorses a product, it has her trust, based on the article.


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