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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Nadine Lustre Fans Slammed By Netizens For Ranting Against Tina Herrera

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These are the reactions of netizens to the fans of Nadine Lustre for ranting against Tina Herrera

Netizens slammed the fans of Kapamilya actress-singer Nadine Lustre for ranting on social media against Tina Herrera from Status Magazine.

Nadine Lustre / Tina Herrera
Photo source: @nadine @tinaherrera_ IG

Apparently, it all started about the magazine’s feature on Bret Jackson who is of the artists of Careless Music Manila, which also handles Nadine when it comes to her music career.

It appeared that the fans of the actress-singer ranted that she deserves more to be featured rather than other artists from CMM.

Tina, apparently, answered that she does not know Nadine and that she is more of an actress than a musician.

Screen grab from @tinaherrera_

In line with this, fans of James Reid’s girlfriend criticized her for what she said and at the same time defending the value of their “idol” when it comes to the music scene in the Philippines.

Tina Herrera seemed to not mind the bashing as she answered the rants of JaDine fans against her.

via FP

She defended that the feature aims to promote culture more than popularity. Tina also stated the reasons why they chose Bret as their featured artist in Status Magazine.

Upon reading the rants from the fans of Nadine Lustre, other netizens slammed them.

via FP

Based on the comments on a popular showbiz site, there were netizens who said that JaDine fans are overly reacting for their “idol”.

There were also those who cheered for Tina Herrera. Some netizens encouraged her to slam the statement from the fans of Nadine Lustre.

via FP

Other netizens even quoted Tina’s statement which said, “The world doesn’t revolve around her (Nadine Lustre), neither does talent, creativity, and culture.”

Here are some of the comments from a popular showbiz site.

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  1. that tina herrera sounds like a cunt if i were being honest. i agree the fans are overreacting, but to actually judge the topic of the conversation as though the subject was the one attacking her sounds like she’s affected or dislikes nadine with those comments so the fans have the right to argue back with her. i mean that tina said she doesn’t know nadine but in the same breath says she’s talentless, doesn’t bring anything to the table etc, sounds like she “knows” her or assumes her in that case lmao

    those comments about the fans, those trolls can judge all they want coz crab mentality is a big thing in the philippines, they can say shit because it doesn’t personally affect them, this kind of article is so stupid coz you make it sound like only the fans are in the wrong here. unprofessional.


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