Scarlet Snow Belo Made Her Lolo Larry Henares Do These Things

Scarlet Snow Belo spent playtime with her Lolo Larry Henares

Celebrity baby Scarlet Snow Belo made her 94-year-old Lolo Larry Henares do these things.

Scarlet has become one of the most-followed celebrity baby on Instagram.

Her social media followers are always anticipating the adorable things she does.

Scarlet Snow Belo
Photo source: @scarletsnowbelo_ IG

Previously, netizens laughed about her video in which she cried because of what her daddy Hayden Kho did.

They had a race and apparently she lost. Her adorable reaction to her defeat captured the hearts of many netizens.

Just recently, she shared a video with her Lolo Larry. He is the father of Atom Henares, Vicki Belo’s former husband.

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It is a good thing that they were able to have that great relationship despite that Vicki got married to Hayden and Atom to Nathalie.

Scarlet Snow Belo had a playtime with her Lolo and she made her sing and dance.

The caption of her post read:
“My 94yo lolo is auditioning to be a back up singer and dancer for the band I’m forming, but he doesn’t know my songs. Help me keep him up to date! Sing with us! “🎶STOP right now! Thank you very much!🎶””

Since Larry Henares is not familiar with the song he just improvised the tone. Then, the celebrity baby showed the 94-year-old Chairman Emeritus of UNTV News and Rescue.

When Scarlet started to sing, her Lolo just danced with her.

Scarlet Snow Belo Larry Henares

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Netizens who saw this video of the adorable baby and her grandfather expressed amused reactions.

Here are some of the comments.

“Somebody yank that 35-year-old soul out of that poor 3-year-old body!” – IG user @thatssforsarcasm

“Scarlet snow and Mr.Larry Henares in the house! make my day!” – IG user @elvieefana

“Lolo is so adorbs!” – IG user @gajete_kitchen_creation

Watch the video.

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